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Lip Volume and Shape Correction Gel

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Volume and sensuality, tenderness and neat and precise lip contour, no fine lines – this is what you’ll see after a regular use of this gel.
Natural lipopeptides activate collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis increase lips volume and make the contour more precise. Grains proteins, dehydrated yoghurt, vitamin F, amino acids and lecithin reduce the depth of wrinkles, protect cell membranes and enable quick tissue regeneration.
Vitamin E, CO2 Melissa extract, coconut and cedar oils form a powerful antioxidative barrier and slow down the aging process.
Glucose and oat protein moisturize lips.
Bee wax contained in this emulsion complex provides reliable antibacterial effect.


Volume and sensuality, tenderness and neat and precise lip contour, no fine lines – this is what you’ll see after a regular use of this gel.


Apply a small amount of lip volume and shape correction gel 1-2 times a day. Any lipstick or lip gloss can be applied after using the gel. The gel is a perfect match to another product (Lip Gel Cream with cocoa and amaranth oils) which nourishes and moisturizes lips.

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