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BB Cream-Mousse #2


Tone #2 – for darker skin with beige undertone (warm undertones)

BB cream-mousse Blemish Balm (balm for instant skin perfection) is an essential product for impeccable everyday make-up. BB cream-mousse has an unbelievably light texture which is invisible when applied to the skin. It’s a multifunctional product for a perfectly even skin tone. Cream-mousse blends with the skin making it perfectly matte.

Natural mineral pigments even out the skin tone, conceal imperfections and fine lines, shrink the pores.

Superfine rice powder makes the skin impeccable matte and subtly glowing, evens out skin tone and conceals the imperfections.

The aesthetic effect of the cream-mousse is supplemented by its skin nurturing properties.

Deeply moisturising plant-derived polysaccharide complex ensures excellent hydration.
Powerful antioxidants lycopene and epophen reliably protect the skin against environmental hazards.
A rich vitamin, plant oil and extract complex generously supplies the skin with nutrients.


  • Visually evens out skin tone and relief;
  • Mattifies the skin and ensures a long lasting make-up;
  • Moisturises and nourishes the skin;
  • Shrinks the pores.


Apply to face and neck and blend with your fingertips. Apply another layer to certain areas if necessary. If your skin is dry or if you're using the BB cream-mousse in winter, it’s recommended to treat your skin with a suitable cream first.

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