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Nutritional bust firming balm with sandal, myrrh and rosemary


A highly effective and multi-purpose balm for bust and decolette care. A complex of polyunsaturated fatty acids prevents the loss of elasticity; antioxidants shikonin and epofen stimulate tissue respiration and prevent from premature aging. A combination of five essential oils along with chamazulene, coumarines and Artemisia and Achillea flavonoids strengthens and restores connective tissue. As a result you get an amazing cosmetic effect – appearance is improved, the number and the depth of the wrinkles decreases. Regular use of the balm will return health and attractiveness to the skin.


  • Nurture and moisturizes the skin
  • Enhances elasticity and resilience
  • Prevents premature aging


Apply morning and evening to the bust and decolette area with gentle movements.

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